ThinkIt Consulting Team

Our People – We are local.  You’ll probably see us at the supermarket or the soccer field on weekends.  Therefore, our weekly travel costs will be near zero in most cases and we can be in the office Monday at 8am through Friday at 5pm, without complication or issue.  This will obviously maximize our project throughput and success.  It also gives us the flexibility to draw upon our teams and colleagues at other local clients, to quickly and cost-effectively solve a tricky problem, or attend an on-site workshop, as we have access to an extensive network of Phila-area experts.  We have even shared resources across two local clients to maximize value while minimizing cost.

Our Expertise – We average 15-25 years of SAP implementation expertise.  Working with and around SAP is what we do and it gives us a broad set of experiences from which to draw.  We understand the US business climate, and yet most of us equally have international implementations under our belts.  We are truly consultants, helping you through the process of making some tough decisions, advising you of best practices and business implications of certain software options, vs. simply being technicians who’ve passed an SAP certification class.

Our Pricing – We are a nimble, local firm primarily focused on the metro Philadelphia region.  Our margins are likely the lowest in the business, and we can afford to offer this because we don’t have a hierarchy of partners selling work, a big staffing department or a large back office.   With minimal overhead, our rates are much lower than the Big 4 and even better than mid-tier competitors, considering the years of expertise, true consulting capabilities, and excellent communication skills of our associates.

Our Business Approach – We deliver, that’s our gig.  We don’t look to compete with staffing firms and spend very little time spot-staffing resources via the internet.  Our leadership expects and drives a disciplined project approach to ensure success.  Some would call it a Big 4 discipline with a small firm price and feel.  Our company roots stem from partners who bring a balanced set of backgrounds, drawing upon their diverse beginnings in SAP America, the manufacturing/process industry, and Big 4 consulting.

Our Team Dynamics – Typically 80-90% of our teams are made up of folks who’ve worked together before, and our company culture quickly acclimates any new members, as it is one of collaboration and pulling together to deliver for our client vs. an internet team of independents thrown together.  And although our team will indeed act like a team, it is as much our mission to connect with your team, blending together – the project discussions will be more about what the OTC team (client and consultants as one) needs to do vs. an “us” and “them” line drawn between our clients and consultants.