FL_Technics_Training_-_Inside_the_classIt’s not enough to cut and paste a few SAP screens into a document and call it training. Our consultants employ a structured methodology around SAP training, to increase the success of your implementation and reduce the “valley of despair” following those less than perfect start-ups. Too many times training efforts focus on the transactional steps, leaving out a true understanding of the end-to-end business processes. Harnessing the value of an integrated environment is dependent upon users who are focused on processes, rather than transactions. People need to be able to see the big picture…how the system works…how all the activities in their process fit together and interconnect with other processes to ultimately serve the customer.

Beginning with an integrated mapping of business processes to roles and user populations, we’ll help you develop a training curriculum, ensure your trainers are well prepared and follow-up with readiness assessments to identify any gaps needing to be closed before go-live. We’ll also make sure you put the right post-live support processes in place to make your end-users successful and effective.


  • Core SAP business process functionality
  • Post-live supplemental training
  • MRPII philosophy and best practices
  • Methodology and project management processes