Things don’t always go as planned, and unfortunately you may find yourself in quite a bind following your SAP go-live.  Rest assured – we will get things back on track.  We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again.  We have even cleaned up after news-making failures found their way into ComputerWorld magazine.

rescueHere’s how we will get the job done – Organize, Prioritize, Stabilize and Optimize:  We’ll quickly assemble a team of deep SAP experts and, along with your business process leads, organize a S.W.A.T. approach to righting the ship.  Together, we will prioritize those defects causing the most customer-facing pain, and look for quick hits to bring immediate relief.  At the same time, we will develop a structured plan for stabilizing the remaining core process issues, that includes a strong focus on quality and process excellence, vs. knee-jerk configuration changes and an  “oh, I guess that didn’t fix the problem after all” approach.  Finally, once the fires have been extinguished and hope has been restored to your organization, we will take a deeper look at where we can actually optimize some processes that may be “working ok”, but are on the whole dragging down productivity.

When all is well again, we’ll ensure you’ve put the right structure and mechanisms in place for a successful COE to take over, we’ll perform knowledge transfer, and then, though we know you’ll miss us, we’ll be on our way so that you can settle into the Run/Maintain mode you had envisioned in the first place.