Tuck In

MUTCD_W4-3R.svgIn this very dynamic world we live in, change is the only constant. Your goal is to grow, so you set about making some strategic acquisitions. The challenge is getting the new entity quickly integrated with your global SAP platform so you can begin to reap the real benefits – extending your global best practices, consolidating back-office activities where productivity gains are feasible, and reducing IT costs by decommissioning the acquired application platforms.

We can help get you integrated quickly and do it for a reasonable cost. We’ll quickly assess the current application landscape, with an agreed approach to adhere to the global template unless legal or compliance requirements dictate otherwise. We’ll inject enough Change Management into the project plans to ensure we all understand the Business Impact of moving to the global template, and together we’ll develop action plans to manage through the change positively. Since you already have a global template in place, we’ll leverage your team and internal knowledge as much as possible, while bringing the expertise needed to keep the project moving at project pace, to ensure a quick Tuck In with managed costs. After all – you’re not finished – you have some more growing to do!